Industry leaders
We have enabled businesses of all sizes in all sectors to take control of their building systems for over 25 years. Take control of your buildings, and reduce your energy cost and consumption today.
Building controls
We are the leading building automation and control solution providers in Australia. No matter what size your building, campus or space is, we can find the right solutions to make your buildings work.
Energy solutions
Take control of the way you manage your energy costs and consumption. We provide you with the tools to effectively and efficiently manage your energy usage.
Integrated solutions
Save time and effort by integrating all of your separate systems into one platform. Our industry experts can help to secure your systems and ensure your buildings can safely function at the highest efficiency.
Lifecycle management
We can look after every stage of your building’s life cycle, from construction through to tuning, maintenance and performance optimisation, ensuring your buildings can perform at their highest efficiency. We can also help you to upgrade your existing facility.
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We are a leading multinational building automation provider, with global offices spanning around Asia Pacific and Europe.

Our solutions connect all building controls and systems, enabling efficient building operations to be achieved through building automation. The advanced building automation solutions we provide allow building owners and managers to operate more effective and energy efficient buildings. We specialise in all aspects of planning, design, construction and ongoing management of buildings and facilities.


Building Automation

Our fully integrated and scalable (small to large) building controls and building automation systems help facility managers achieve the maximum potential from their buildings. We offer customised software packages, which may include customised energy features and alarm and event routing.


Energy Solutions

Our energy management software platform, Optergy, provides customised solutions for smart energy monitoring and control including; energy performance contracting, building optimisation and tuning, energy services, metering solutions for gas, electricity and water, lighting controls and retrofits.


Integrated Solutions

Our integrated controls and building automation systems platform provides seamless integration with multiple building utilities and services, linked to security management systems (access control, CCTV and intrusion detection), lighting controls and our space booking system.


Lifecycle Management

We provide support at each stage of the total lifecycle of facility management; from design and construction, through management, maintenance and upgrades, each with a focus on cost-effectiveness and high levels of performance, we can look after your building project at every stage.

Systems designed to easily integrate with others

Build the system you want by seamlessly integrate our controls, building automation or energy management systems with any of your existing building systems.


We're here to deliver

We provide comprehensive support with a team of specialists. Whichever type of building project it is, our 200+ strong team of experts are happy to help.

Building Solutions

We know individual design is important, so all of our solutions are customised to suit your individual requirements.

Services & Support

From Account Management to Project Engineering, our expertise is built around finding the gaps and helping you make your buildings work better.

Service Maintenance

Our specialised service team will be here for you 24/7, to ensure your building controls and systems are working around the clock.

Our clients success comes in all shapes and sizes

Discover how we have helped organisations like yours make their buildings work for them.

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